Pale are an alternative hard rock band from the Staffordshire bogs.

They bring elements of hard rock, post punk, heavy metal and alternative/grunge and bind them into a set of original, powerful and punctuated songs; a melting pot of tribalistic fury, brooding presence and vitriolic angst. With a no-nonsense attitude to writing and playing coupled with a healthy sarcastic mentality, they write songs drawing from a large and vivid range of influences.

Heaving with apolitical and damning lyrics of condemnation and plight, the band carve their song craft whilst feeding upon the pounding sounds of the likes of Black Sabbath and Muse; the dynamic highs and lows of bands in the Rush and Tool vein, guitar science from the likes of Queen and Faith No More coupled with the alternative and inky blackness of the Soundgarden’s and the Joy Division’s of the world. This is the food they eat but Pale make their own noise.

Regularly gigging around Staffordshire and the West Midlands, along with gigs further afield when possible, they can be seen and heard doing their thing at well known venues such as The Giffard / Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton, The Rigger / The Freebird in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, The Cellar Bar / RedRum in Stafford.

Recent History.
2015 saw a self-released E.P. ‘Whisper Disunity‘ which the band recorded and produced, in true guerrilla D.I.Y. style on a mad contraption of cobbled gear, resulting in a self mixed but well received trio of songs. As 2016 arrived they decided to follow that up by launching upon the process of not only D.I.Y. recording an entire album, but improving on all levels of the production compared to the 2015 E.P. But also taking time out from this process to keep the live side ongoing they have continued to play choice slots throughout the year so far, such as at both Mappfest and Breathfest festivals. Recording and production on the album continued with occasional gigging thru 2017 until December when they played a final farewell gig to their impeccable friend that is Gep on Bass. Leaving the band out of necessity due to moving to other lands with his good lady.

As 2018 began focus shifted to dealing with the departure of Gep on Bass, the mixing of the many parts / tracks for the album, along with the search and subsequent recruitment of Ayrron in December to make them whole again. A few gigs in 2019 to get the altered lineup into sync and the work on the album finally coming to a finish, with the first track scheduled to be released in February 2020.

They are a collaboration of alternative tastes, each member adding something different to the equation. The result is a sound that suffers no pigeonholing, won’t stay put in one genre or style, and refuses to be another familiar and predictable sound.

The current lineup was formed in 2018 and has Mikey on vocals, Wookie on guitars, Ayrron on bass and Dean on the drums.