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Stafford based alternative hard Rockers Pale drop a brand new tune that behaves as a warning about technology and modern media. A pure lyrical delight that arguably explores mankind’s decline into mass surveillance culture and how it is slowly becoming weaponised. Talking of technology, it’s available on all streaming platforms. Recommended for fans of old Black Sabbath and The Melvins; there’s definitely a sense of fusion between 70s metal and early 90s grunge. As a stand alone song it works favourably as a self contained tale with stimulating subject matter, inspiring artwork and a no nonsense razor attitude but you are left wanting to hear the next chapter so do explore more from this band today.

Pale Live Review

The Grapes Music Bar, Stafford
Friday 20th November 2015

Never been renowned to do live reviews of any bands as I always relied on just getting the artists into the studio to talk instead but i felt the impulse to check out Pale as they played The Grapes in Stafford on Friday 20th November, I have known the boys for a long time & have always enjoyed watching them play in which they do deserve my review.
I only just arrived when Trespasser had just finished & then watched April Black perform for the first time, the venue was busy & there was such a great atmosphere in The Grapes that evening, was excited to get started with Pale & as it was the not first time i saw the band it was the first time i saw them play live with Tim Wookie on guitar when he replaced Peter Burkitt & I can say Pale sounded so well coordinated as a single music entity.
The set started with opening song ‘Buying Freedom‘ & I know at that moment Pale was in the house, Mikey Clark was on top form with his vibrant, crunching yet majestic tones but it was when the ‘Witness & Minion‘ kicked in…i knew that this was the sound of Pale, the centurions of alternative hard rock swallowing the souls of all in the room, personally my favorite track from the guys because of the hype of emotions blasting out from Mikey & accompanying bellowing bass sound from Gep Gennard as he struts across the stage holding his bass guitar like a steroid’ic flame thrower… the song fits perfectly into the next track ‘Seeds‘ from their latest E.P. ‘Whisper Disunity‘ Mikey is really putting his awe into this song you can tell by his face he is proud of this song more than the previous tunes before the next track ‘Beneath The Black‘ Mikey takes the moment to talk to the crowd he must have said something funny but i was interrupted by a punter who told me ”these guys wail man” as it was his first Pale experience, so i missed the climax of Mikey’s humorous line, looking at the crowd from the side of the stage there wasn’t the numbers of folk when the first two bands were on but there was a large presence of Pale fans on the floor, a few moving to the tones of ‘Trigger Morass‘ & ‘Rise‘, these guys are the hardcore loyal followers of Mikey & the boys, they knew they had to be there all bands have a different interactive approach to their crowds, Pale have an approach like they are leaders of an Occult where people should be on their knees spinning around with their arms in the air like they were worshiping the great kings of hard rock, i have never seen Pale get people onto the stage with them like April Black did before them, Pale like their own space its their sacred territory & watching them you can see the band is getting larger & larger on each tune as if the set list was planned strategically… Pale tonight have come armed & dangerous!!
Your Camera Is A Gun‘ just hits everyone with great guitar work from Tim & Gep, Dean Fellows on drums is pounding the skins faster than he can sweat keeping up with Mikey’s overtones like he knew the best timings with the lyrics well into ‘Desolation‘ the band knows it was soon coming to an end so this was the moment to really tell everyone in The Grapes ”Pale are here to stay!!” before the last track ‘Flippin The Bird‘ a memorable moment would be when Gep Gennard would step down off the stage still with bass in hand to play a melodic tone for his wife Therese at the bar…
Pale loves their fans & they make new fans at every gigs they get, you are guaranteed to leave the gig with Pale in your head & you enjoyed it, i certainly did & will always watch the boys Mikey, Gep, Dean & Tim.
Pale are the true holy martyrs of alternative hard rock
Ozzy Maidenfield, Co-Founder Midlands Metalheads Radio

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