Official Video released.

Here you can now watch the official video for our recently released track “Your Camera Is a Gun”. Produced by Pale with thanks to Luke Hammond for the live footage, taken from a Rock Zombie gig in Dudley.

First review for ‘Your Camera Is a Gun’ single.

Ryans Gig guide have done us the honor of reviewing our latest single in their April issue. This is only available online – due to obvious reasons – and can be read below. Here is a small excerpt to temp you to do the link-y click-y dance.

“… explores mankind’s decline into mass surveillance culture and how it is slowly becoming weaponised.

“Your Camera Is a Gun” now available on Band Camp in full glorious CD quality.

If you are a fan of better sound quality going into your ears you will be pleased to hear that you can now get our new single from band camp in full colour, mega pixel quality as a WAV file. Filled up with all those extra glorious ones and zero’s to the point of audible ecstasy. In essence, better qualities than the m-p-3’s.

You can find that right here, along with our other releases:

All the new’s.

Album, Single all the new things…

Today we finally open the doors on what we have been up to. All the work we have done on recording an album from scratch over the past couple of years has finally reached close enough to the end point that we wan’t to tell you about it. It’s called “Dreams Beneath The Poison” and will be getting an early 2020 release as soon as we can finish up all the non music parts of our undertaking. Track list follows:

Dreams Beneath The Poison
1. Your Camera Is a Gun
2. Seeds
3. Beneath The Black
4. Rise
5. Trigger Morass
6. Buying Freedom
7. War For Sale
8. Magnitudal Fool
9. Falling Snow
10. Hollow Hand
11. Desolation

This is all new recordings including the 3 tracks from our previous E.P. “Whisper Disunity”. We just had to have another go at doing them proper justice. Those of you who knew us at the time may recall that those mix’s reached an unexpected end point when we had a hard drive commit sepukku on us in a very unrecoverable way. Sh*t happens. We released the best of what we had and we moved on. Speaking of releasing things…

On 28th February we will release our first track from the Album “Your Camera Is A Gun” on all digital stores. We will post up links as soon as that is live and available.

Bass player secured!

We have news. We have secured a Bass player. Joining the band on a permanent basis is Ayrron Robinson, formerly of This Sun No More. We have injected the set into his mind and are preparing to go and prove it… details to follow. We thank you for your patience.

Round one *ding* *ding*

O.k. first build of the site is now ready and time to put it out there…

We have new T-shirts for boys, girls and uncommitted people who want them, Gildan & Fruit of the Loom T’s in black -and- the merchandise page is working so you can paypal to get stuff.

There is a couple of gigs on the gig page – although we’d like some more to round out the rest of the year.

Meanwhile much progress on our DIY album has been made – it’s looking like it will have 11 (yes, count ’em – well, you can, but we did – eleven!) tracks – but that info will have to wait for another time…